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Pizzicato Five Lyrics
"Jolly Bubbly Lovely"

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Translators: andrei cunha

Futari wa honto ni
Kodomo mitai ni naka yoshi
Koibito doshi
So iu mono kamo

Fuzaketari hashaidari
Kusugutte dakiatte kiss shite
Koibito doshi
Totemo isogashii

Itsu datte issho
Futari wa issho
Zutto issho na no
Issho da yo

Futari wa issho
Doko datte issho
Zutto issho na no
Issho da yo

Chocolate mitai ni
Toroketchau yo na kiss
Koibito doshi
So iu toki kamo

Okane ga nakutatte
Futari de nanika tabeyo yo

Minna ga atsumaru basho de

Asonde kurashite
Konna shiawase
Itsu made tsuzuku no

Ashita no koto
Dare ni mo wakaranai

Tonikaku issho
Futari wa issho
Zutto issho na no
Issho da yo

Kinyobi no yoru kara issho
Zutto issho na no

Doyo no gogo
Doyo no yoru
Zutto issho na no

Nichiyobi mo
Zutto zutto issho
Zutto issho na no

We like
Each other so much
We're like children

Always laughing and screaming
Tickling hugging kissing
Being lovers
Isn't easy

Always together
We are together

Always together
Everywhere together

A melty kiss
Just like chocolate
Lovers are like that

Even without money
We're happy
Let's have something to eat

Let's dance till morning
Somewhere where there's lots of people

Our life is endless fun
Till when
Is this happiness gonna last?

Nobody knows
What the future reserves us

But for the time being
We'll be together

From friday night together
All the time

Saturday afternoon
Saturday evening

Sunday too