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Pizzicato Five Lyrics
"A Perfect World [Sunaga Texperience Remix]"

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I feel like
Today everything
Will be alright
Today is the day

For a change of season
If I call
You today
Will you please

Say this
One word
This new

Memorandum number one:
You know it's a perfect morning
Right from the start when you wake up

I'm humming
A song I just learned
In this new morning
Love is always like this

It begins suddenly
For no apparent reason
Especially in the morning
A clear early morning

On a day when
Everything looks
Shining bright
On a day when you whispered

One word: 'love'
This new morning's
Memorandum number two:
The perfect world

Will simmer with love
In the new morning
The smell of pancakes
I'm hungry

The follow up for
This morning's memorandum:
Everybody is entitled
To a perfect day

In the new morning
Fresh juice
Everything is going
Too well today

It's as if the world
Was going to change today
When everything

Please just say this
One word: 'love'
And hug me

The summarized version
Of this morning's memorandum:
One day
There will be a perfect world

A moment in the morning
A peaceful moment
In this new world
In this perfect world