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Perfect Strangers Lyrics
"Twenty One Years"

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The judge said 'Stand up, lad,

And dry up your tears.

You're sentenced to Dartmoor

For twenty-one years.

So dry up your tears, love,

And kiss me goodbye,

The best friends must part,

So must you and I.

I hear the train coming,

Twill be here at nine. To take me to Dartmoor

To serve up my time. I look down the railway

And plainly I see,

You standing there waving

Your goodbyes to me.

Six months have gone by, love,

I wish I were dead.

This dark dreary dungeon

And stone for my bed.

It's hailing, it's raining,

The moon gives no light.

Now won't you tell me, love,

Why you never write?

I've counted the days, love,

I've counted the nights,

I've counted the footsteps,

I've counted the lights,

I've counted the raindrops,

I've counted the stars,

I've counted a million

Of these prison bars.

I've waited, I've trusted,

I've longed for the day,

A lifetime, so lonely,

Now my hair's turning grey.

My thoughts are for you, love,

Till I'm out of my mind,

For twenty-one years

Is a mighty long time
I've counted on you, babe, to give me a break.
I guess you forgot, love, I'm here for your sake.
You know who's guilty, you know it so well,
But I'll rot in prison, before I will tell.

Come all you young fellows with hearts brave and true,
Don't believe any woman you'd meet if you do,
Don't trust any woman, no matter what kind,
For twenty-one years, boys, is a mighty long time.