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Pennywise Lyrics
"Who's On Your Side"

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Looking ahead not far away
Someday soon but not today
Things may get better things may get worse Depending on who gets there first
Nothing in common nothing will change
Together we'll go our separate ways
Nothing to stop us from caving in
Someone's got to lose when someone wins

Look at the world you're living in
Someday you'll have to pick a side
For the rest of your life
Who's on your side

A voice in the dark a light in the haze
A flame that burns then fades away
Alone in the night a ship lost at sea
A state of emergency
With no way of knowing what's coming next
Survival of who fits in best
Looking for answers but where to begin
We all want to know how this one ends
This isn't make believe a faded picture show
As we drown you're slowly letting go
This song is from the album "Land Of The Free?".