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Peanut Butter Wolf feat. Jungle Brothers Lyrics
"I'm Gonna Do You"

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Girl, oh you look fine
I want to do you
I get dizzy, you keep my body busy
Every time I get near you I want you actin' like a grizzly bear
You got long hair
You play hard to get, but Afrika does not care,
Because there's plenty of fishes out there, in the sea
And I can find another if you don't want to be with me
You said you have a boyfriend, but like you said, he is a boy
I am the real thing, and he is just a toy
Something that you pick, play with, and put down
But girl, you can have me all year 'round
Don't want to get you upset, I just want to get to you
Cuddle up close, and let you know I want to do you

I'm gonna do you I'm gonna do you
I'm gonna do you woh, woh, oh, woh

Now my name is Mike G, no need to act stupid
You fell in love, you got shot by Cupid
You haunt me and taunt me because my name is worth money
I give you some love, and now you seem to act funny
Was it you got blessed, or for one simple kiss
That you could not resist when I threw you the gift?
Let's do this, not just to say we did it, 'cause I'm committed
(Girl, he's committed to do you)
Now you had me pictured as the man of your dreams
But everything good ain't as good as it seems
I might love you and leave you, or tease you then please you
But girl, you're just too good for me to try to scheeze you
The first day I met you I felt as though I knew you
That's why I told you, upfront, that I was gonna do you

I'm gonna do you I'm gonna do you
I'm gonna do you woh, woh, oh, woh

Jungle brother, face you like a man
Treat you like a bady, hold you by the hand
I give you a yard, you try to take a mile
You're grinnin' in my face, callin' me your pal
My brothers comin' up to me sayin', "yo, he ain't true blue
Afrika, Afrika, he's biting off of you
He's tryin' to get over, so watch your back"
I say, I see no problem, bro, because I got it like that
So if you really want to know who's doin' who
You can tell your hos right that I'll be doin' you

Afrika, woh, woh, ooh, woh, woh, woh, ooh, woh, oh
Woh, woh, ooh, who, woh, woh, ooh, woh

Ah yeah, Mike G is gonna do you
Sammy B is gonna do you
Afrika's gonna do you
Red alert, red alert, yeah
Yeah, huh, that's hot, that's hot, come on
Bambataa's gonna do you
Jazzy Jay is gonna do you
BDP is gonna do you
Ultramagnetic, yeah
The Violators
The Vilators, yeah
Tony D, Tony D
Word, Uncle Tom, Aunt Jemima, word up
B-Fee's gonna do you
Yeah, yeah, word up
Harlem's gonna do you