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Paul Weller Lyrics
"Back in the Fire [BBC Radio 2 Session]"

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Dreams Schemes and everything's
Fill the dusty corners of your mind,
As cars, boats and aeroplanes
Just remind you of a better time

As love's hopes and everyone's
Anyone worth a minute of your time,
When unhampered by the agents,
Of the governors of the faceless so opaque,
As bare tree's and winter winds
Just confine you to, a bitter place
A time you can't face-

A peace of your mind

We should be playing in the sunshine
Happy to be part of everything,
Not handled, greedy handlers
Brought down and destroyed
By their own ways-
Liars! Liars! smoking on pipes.
Diamond fires
Who Just throw it in their way,
And how's your father today
Was he caught in the rain ?
Not handcuffed to some wanker
Who doesn't know me
(and doesn't see (that) our lives are made,
(on) from all the efforts,
Of the masses,
And all the people who deserve a better, fate

Than a time you can't trace
No peace in your mind
A time you can't place
Now your back in the race,
Your three wishes expired
Now your back in the fire
(your three wishes expired,
Now your back in the fire)

See you just can't play
Now without a say
Always got to be the man
Always got to have the plan,
It doesn't run that way
Into the ether you'll say
(your three wishes expired,
Now your back in the fire)

Your three wishes expired,
Now your back in the fire