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Patti LaBelle Lyrics
"Why Do We Hurt Each Other"

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I don't know
The reason why
We do these things
Why we fight
Despite all the tears
And the hurt it brings
I know no one else
Can fill this space
Inside our hearts
So then why are we trying
To make us break apart
If we love each other
Why do we hurt each other?
If we need each other
Why do we make each other sad?
If we care about each other
Why do we bring pain to one another?
Why do we make each other sad?
Treat each other bad?
If we love each other
Why do hurt each other
This way?
Oh, I don't see
Why you and me
Cannot get it right
Oh, I can't recall
The last time
That we kissed goodnight
I know no one else
Has touched my soul
As much as you
And it's such a shame
The pain we put
Each other through
Oh, can't we try
To bring some feeling back
To you and I?
We can't go on like we are
We can't keep playing these parts
We can't keep breaking these hearts, baby
Why can't we?
Said, if we care about each other.
Why do we bring pain
So bad
So bad
Man: Oh baby
Patti: Why do we hurt each other?
Man: I don't know, I don't know, why. Oh, I don't know.
Patti: I don't want to hurt no more, no more, no more, no more.
Man: Oh, don't hurt me no more, no more. Oh.
Patti: I hurt you
Man: You hurt me.
Patti: That ain't how it's supposed to be.
Together: When we're in love.
Patti: Do you love me? I love you.
Man: I know you do.
Patti: You love me.
Man: I sure do.
Patti: Let's make love, tenderly.
Together: All night long, all night long, oh oh to ya darlin'.
Patti: Respect each other, love, love, love, love, love.