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Patti LaBelle Lyrics
"Too Many Tears, Too Many Times"

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Too many tears
Too many times
Too little love
Too many nights
I gave my all to you
My heart and soul to you
Now all I ask of you
Is you treat me right
You were just playing games
With my heart
I couldn't see
I was in the dark
But now I see it's going much too far
And I can't win
Verdict's in
There's been
(Too many)
(Too many)
I've got too many tears
Too many tears to cry
(Too many)
I've got too many
(Too many)
Not enough reasons
To keep from leaving, no
That's the reason why I'm leaving, baby
What about those words you said
What about your promises
Didn't you promise me
You would treat me right?
You were just playing me for a fool
This time I'm playing my own rules
I ain't gonna waste no more tears on you
I can't win, ha
Verdict's in
Oh there has been
(Too many)
(Too many)
Oh, I've got
Too many tears to cry
I, oh, I've got
(Too many)
Too many
Too many
(Too many)
(Too many tears to cry)
(Not enough reasons)
Oh no
(To keep from leaving)
That's the reason why I'm leaving, baby
I'm walking out
The door now
Ain't nothing you can say to make stay
You never learned to love me anyway
Now it's much to late to ever try
That's why (gone)
Oh, that's why I'm (gone)
I'm leaving
I'm leaving
I, oh
I, whew!
Said I'm out (x5)
Out of here
Said, it's been too
What you say, ya'll?
I've got
I've got
I've got too many tears to cry
Oh, I've got
I, oh I
No, yes
You've been denying
I tell you again
The reason I'm leaving
You lied
You denied
Oh, you didn't get me no reasons, oh
Said I, oh