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Patti LaBelle Lyrics
"If I Was A River"

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If I was the sun
I would shine my light
To light your world
If I was the rain
I would wash your tears away
Your world bright
Be your light in the night
If I was the sky
I would rain down love into your life
If I was a river
(You would be my ocean)
(Every stream would lead me to your arms)
(And if)
If I was a river
(I'd flow to you forever)
(Love would run forever)
(In these arms of mine)
Oh, if
If I
If I was the wind
I would carry you
Above the clouds
If I was the earth
I would be your solid ground
Oh, if I could
I'd be
All you ever would need
I would be your world
You're the only world there is for me
If I was a river
You'd be
You'd be
Oh, if I was
I'd flow
I'd flow
Oh if
I'd run, yes
Into your arms
Into your arms
Oh I
Oh, I'd run to you babe
Oh, yea, yeah, yes
Forever, oh
If I was a river
You, you'd be my ocean baby
If I was a river
Oh, oh, oh if
If I was
If I was
Oh, oh, oh
A river