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Paddy Goes To Holyhead Lyrics

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I donÂ't need a new car IÂ'm happy with my crate
I donÂ't need to show off just want to celebrate

I donÂ't need a holiday donÂ't even need a pool
Â'cause thereÂ's one place in town where iÂ'm always keeping cool

I donÂ't need advice; of how I should live my life
I donÂ't need a fake smile; it cuts me like a knife

I donÂ't need no luxury to be satisfied
Â'cause all I needÂ's a celebration Â'til the morning light

We sing and dance for the rest of our days
We donÂ't need a cause we celebrate in any case
Pina Coladas to gain our fun
When the day is gone weÂ'll be back to carry on

I donÂ't need no caviar and I donÂ't need champagne
need no stimulantia, viagra or cocaine

I donÂ't need a closing time and I donÂ't need no rules
and all I want is party-time with all my crazy dudes