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Norma Jean Martine Lyrics
"Still in Love with You"

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We were just kids
Thought we knew everything
Heartbeat fast like
A hummingbird wing
There in the dark
In the back of your car
We swore we'd always be

You helped me take a drag
Of my first cigarette
Burned me left a scar
So I would not forget
Sneaking out late
Getting drunk for the sake of it
We watched the moon go down

They said
We were too young
To know
If it was true love
They couldn't have been more wrong
I still love you
I'm still in love with you
If we
Give one more shot
We'll know
If it's real or not
This feeling's way too strong
I still love you
I'm still in love with you

Thought I saw you
Walking down Main Street
Was it my mind
Playing dirty tricks on me?
The summer storms
your shirt that I wore
Does the rain make you think of me?


Happy ever after
Was our plan the master
Tell me you remember
How we used to know


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