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Nell Lyrics
"Pistol Grip"

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[Hook x2]
Ridin' with the pistol grip
Smoked out, Locced out
Ridin' with the pistol grip
Walk up to your house
Knock on your door
And blow your ass off

[Verse 1 : N3ll]
Ridin' with the pistols, 'medics
Ride with you, hit you
On the side, look in my eyes

They know I reside from the gristle
When we collide, black tints when I slide
The power is pride follow me as I guide
You to the arising of the horizon
That I just pry from the grips of the dead
Sellin' their head so we do this instead
Redeemin' the blood that our ancestors bled
To release the seeds from the greed fiends
To be free niggas follow me slow niggas gotta act to be seen
Hit the dro & stay low key
C.S.I. nigga speaking don't known me
I don't sleep so we recognize real G's
And bring peace, play dumb if you come to it
You decease, be all black like a nun
Deep in the South play them 8 balls for fun
Leavin' the drought cause we all on the run
In the heat of the sun
Lerkin' the scene so beware of the gun

Niggas hate so they can shun you
The one who but don't give a fuck bout you want do
A nigga at your girl head like Repunzel
She gon' choose then she get a bedroom bruise
Anyways never trust a bitch & don't snitch
Unless you're lookin' for some AIDS & one ditch
Keep it G to the T cause niggas low key
Creep up sneak up peak on all ya secrets
Gossip like some B.I.T.C.H
Hate, hate, hate
When another nigga see paper with you
If you diss, you in, I be


[Verse 2 : EthelWulf]
I'm comin' up to the nigga house
But he actin' scared he don't wanna come out

I'mma have to go ahead & drag his ass out
Talkin' that shit well that's what I'm about
I found his old girl made her loosen that mouth
All over the dick and she lookin' real stout
I try to be cool but nigga that's out
Fuck the bullshit ho, I'm comin' from the South
Ain't nothing trill 'bout shit in your mouth
Faggot ass boy & your crew hella sap
All your shit wack need to quit
B. R-to-the-K finna take the trash out
Ho ass niggas never seen a damn trap
Niggas need to watch, what the fuck they rap about
Nigga that's easy, please step back
And bitch if you mad you can have a bitch-slap
What the fuck you mean we the truth like facts
And if you got a problem come & handle that
I'm really, really good with shit like that
I hurt you real quick then call ya chick back
I'm really so sad you're a hoes ass trick
And that I'm in your house with the mothafuckin' grip
But bitch you better give it up some kinda quick
Or I'mma have to spread ya blood all over this shit
I can't give a damn & that's how a nigga livin'
Money bad dreams to the goddamn ceiling
I gotta to gettin' in what's the goddamn dilly?
Niggas fuckin' hoes all damn willy nilly
But I gotta get my muthafuckin' pennies
Strapped & checked if a nigga start trippin'
Fuck the bullshit including these women
I gotta do me for a damn livin'