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Nell Lyrics
"Everlasting Thought"

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[Verse 1]
I pour out my liquor for my niggas who ain't living
Wish they was here to get this feeling with me this city get dangerous out here now I'm living high
Tryna' get by I defeat the sky
A nigga like me elite gravity is I
Off my feet me no see Allah
Cause I believe in my wings why descend when I'm living a dream
When life get you caught up leave u trapped into a scheme
That's a convict
Leave 'em shaken it quake when my comet hit

We dropping Bombs like the city forming a army
Pharaoh economy me but way about the minority
Common denominator the dominant target
Why must we suffer cause some of my people starving
So I go hard against y'all anonymous odds
I'm sending lyrical shots make you drop their not to be dodged
Father answer me lord why the world so corrupt its feeling like anyone can be touched

[Hook x4]
You can run, you can hide, but ain't no escaping
The new world in the making
(We Getting Buck)

[Verse 2]
And you know how I do it
OG chilling
I.9 Dippin', Grippin', Codeine spillin'
Pimping your broad, tryna' have my children on steeze

Bet you feel the breeze too cool with it
Shake that ass bitch, just act a fool with it
Drooling I'm bout to make a stack or two hit it no slacken
These niggas is acting
We here for that action
This shit everlasting meaning I'ma last and conquer
Hit it wit all force stay in yo place bitch you could get ate by them connivers
Done snatched em n now the blood got me on the drugs in the club showing hella love but we toting slugs
Cause death ain't nothing to play with
Let em cross me watch how my K hit
Flip 'em, filet Fish
Cooking up beef tryna execute me introduce thee to a new life

[Hook x4]

Youth World Order
(Black Power)