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Nell Lyrics
"Break YoSelf"

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N3ll - Break YoSelf

Klan....Bounce.....You know what the fuck it is, 94 mentality, now these niggas mad at me......bounce

[Verse 1: N3ll]
These niggas be clutchin, they postin the block, and be scared to pop
Drop another brother mother fuck a blackland
We the south, tell me you bout it, I really doubt it
Shooters run up to keep me out the violence
Niggas be prowlin, you ain't even a component, opponents deceise every moment
So break yoself claimin you want it, you runnin up on it
You stuck up, you chicken, you boneless
See really ain't holy, rest in peace pj my nigga, you really ain't know him
You really ain't growin, smokin that ganja my nigga, you really ain't blowin
My niggas be totin, nigga you left and you hit
So get labled a snitch and you dumped in a ditch
You like a bitch
Break yoself claiming you eatin I shouldn't give a shit
Nigga betta duck, drunk and he dont give a fuck
Clutchin and ready to bust, he never did trust
That nigga, done dissed and got rushed, he felt like he set that shit up
Now if you trynna buck, hittin the gate and got stuck
Where safe till that nigga ran up
And snitched on his plug, got stuffed and drugged through the mud
Left in a tub full of blood
These niggas dont tell, fuck up and tell on your self
You look like that nigga dat never sat up in a jail
Dem niggas so body frail, betta break yo self
I take yo health, gotta make this wealth
Quick wit it, niggas can't get wit it
Smokin and chokin exposin them bastards
I don't give a fuck and what
These niggas gone hate and these bitches they're nuts

[Verse 2: Denzel Curry]
Living existences, personal prescription
You sippin this lean just to get you high
Stick in the air, aim at me if you dare
Ignorance is a bliss so I'm hopin you die
Niggas is niggas, so niggas have moments, and ended up leaving the synthesis
Total disaster, they'll kill if they have to with bullets and mayhem
And killin a bitch, Wasted in miami, where shit is uncanny
I'm hopin I'm livin past 21, Where is the drop, get the Glock and I pop
And the lean and gettin that nigga and gun
Consequence, consequence having no consciences
Leaving yo blood on the fuckin floor
This is reality makin no gratisy
Nigga it's Curry so open the door

[Verse 3: Rell]
Cruisin' round' in that black splat, with a mac ten got a hundred rounds attached
Run up on him with the funk and lay his ass flat
Talkin' stupid make them choppas go brapp brapp haaa
Young ass nigga chasin' scrilla get dat, pump to your gum
Make your fuckin face go numb, fuck nigga you don't want no beef
Fuck nigga you don't want no beef, any nigga wanna get it
He can get it black stick put that shit to his mothafuckin' fitted
And I ain't playin witcha', my niggas' come getcha', take a hundred rounds with ya
We blow on that dank, fuck nigga get stank, put that shit to his face
And blow out his brains, nigga you witnessin' real, put him in the field
I bet he get killed, that nigga never kept it real, he script when he hit
He got 15 years, pussy nigga remember I got yo address
And I know where yo mama live, put a real nigga off in the field
An' all he know is kill, kill

[Verse 4: Willo]
This the real deal, bitch I bet you feel trill
Off in this thang from the south watch yo mouth cuz what we spit is kill, ill
Dade County 305 what you know about it ho? In this thang we gettin change
And we just gettin rowdy yo, trunk music thump you better bump, toot it once
As you is, nigga we off in the business, we gettin the chiznits
Cuz we got to eat, you niggas can't get with me, I'm sickedly
Spittin this shit so quickedly, they can't get with me this is the
Recognize how we just apply this shit with a vibe and we gettin live
And you bitches is about to cry