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Nell Lyrics
"Back in the Dayz"

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(Hook: Rellhoe)
I been thinkin' bout them good ol' days
When I was a whipper snapper
Used to try to get a ?
But now it be that drama rapper
I'm just a southernplayalistic pimp
I used to sling a fat rock
But now I'm serving Hemp Nigga

( Verse 1: Nell)
Stepped on the block
Everything is still the same
But Niggas changing by the clock
Its just a new day
Matching two J's
John J say he got the dropp
And we copp
Kickin' it on the weekend
Keepin up in the clouds
Wondering why my niggas hanging by the block
But it ain't like back then
Cause its different when your niggas missin'
Niggas be keepin they distance
But we aimin for the cop
As we stroll down the road
That we been chose
Niggas ten toes'in
As we exposing
The niggas fakin' the phonk
So the nigga trunk music
Buss you head when bump
So whutchu want?


( Verse 2: Denzel Curry)
Running and yurning
The blunts I be turning
Rollin and smoking
And Niggas is choking
And Curry take another sip of the potion
I'm taking your bitch
And I got that bitch open
Like Screen doors
My brother is rolling in green doe
Selling that shit like green ?
?? Niggas with ??
Check my stilo
My ego
So where is the bud?
And bring enough sex
For my brother and my Cuz
Put a dime, and a nickle
Situation got me pickled
I'm a ball, yeah high with your bitch
And get all up in her draws
Plawing roo-raa in that Charday
Told that black goddess
Please Bring that pussy my way
So I can just slay it
I dont really play it
I don't really give a fuck
Denzel Curry on that fway shit


( Verse 3: Rellhoe)
Now have you ever stepped on the block
And been totin' the Glock
While the cops lurkin' low
All this dro' gotta go-go-go
These hoes be schemin'
Triflin' chasin the green
That you earned from the fiends
They might let you fuck
But ahead for the team
Do you know what I mean
The pimp in me
It be the real deal
Feel where Im from
Blackland, Carol City
You side with goons come out
And see ring-ding-ding
?? Hit the floor
Flopping yo' ho
From back in the day
Yo ?????????????
They already know
I put that Mac down
Smokin yo town
Get down to the funk
I lived how you want