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NBS Lyrics
"No Bull Shit"

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[Verse 1: E Straight]

A,b,c,d,f,g/ but wait don't forget about the e
Yea I'm Evan bringing back the beat
I take my limits to heaven see if you can compete
NBS got no toleration/ like no bull shit
Follow our allegations
You ain't been waitin
You never had the patience
And yes I can/ be a ladies man/ make 150 million grand
Get so big NBS got their own brand/ so I look out the window/ and say this is my
Now don't get us confused with rock/ we a group not a band

Don't get us confused like dirt and sand/ if you do then I'll give you a back hand
But this ain't tennis it's rap
So if you dis me you fallin straight in my trap
Cause I got homies that will get my back/ so if you wanna fight you better bring your gat
Or Glock call it watevr you want/ I know I'm still gonna call you a cunt
We got you on third down/so now you gotta punt
So if you mad you still better not front
Or else me and my homies gettin ready to hunt
Yea mobilize like the transformers
And call me a good performer
I may be white but I'm still better than you
Yea u just started well I started back when I was 2
My first rhyme was gagu-gagu
My rhymes make you seem like poo
Say I got a big head/ well you ain't seen my dick
Pull out my magic wand/ain't that a trick
So while I'm jerkin you can call me a prick
But just so you know I don't take no bullshit

[Hook: 50 Cal z]
This is nbs no bull shit
Fucking with us? gonna get hit
Right in the mouth
If you ain't elite then get the fuck out!

[Verse 2: Pak Attack]
Im a dragon with heart burn, lyrics so deep make ya stomach yern
But some kids never learn, NBS rated R, u ray-ray-tard
Im too quick for a slow class/ my philosphy is plain and simple
If u throw shit on me, u can possibley be in pain or be cripple
My worst is ur best, i'll make sure ur life is a test
Trial and error, no retakes, failing means fire and terror
Hate to be the barer of bad news/but ur finished
NBS is its own prodigy, ur beefless
Like a mcdonalds fila o fish
O look, o lay/ ur a faggot, but ur only excuse is, I was born this way

Call me a big dick, but ur a undersized Migit
Dont mind how I gloat/ one last thing/ only thing deep about u is ur throat

[Verse 3: 50 cal z]
Man we rap no bull shit
Fuckin with us gonna get hit
We outta your league
Its like lil wayne tryin to battle biggie
Battelin 50/ is like lil jon tryin to battle big Pun
You betta run
Cause I ain't fuckin around
You bitches wearin a night gown
Cause its nighty night/ as I lay this hater down to sleep
While he is countin sheep
I count my money from murdering this beat
Cut off your fuckin feet
Now how are you gonna stand over me?
You can compete/ my skill is beyond your reach
So ya can't grab the mic/ this is my/ time to rhyme
Words that you don't know/ purposely put them in a continuous flow
Only I can perfectly rock the show
Have fans screamin 50 is the bomb yo
Cause I explode on to the stage
Releasin anger in a lyrical way/ you shitted on the rap game an stunk it up
2 girls one cup
Nbs bout to fix it up
Went through a set of tools they broke down
Hired some workers they workin now
How to fix rap? Buy the manual its called the select 6 bitch/ just don't stay neutral/