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NBS Lyrics

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[Hook: 50 cal Z]
Expectations people counting on me
Expectations what can I be
Expectations they never end
So fuck em and move on again

[Verse 1: E Straight]

Coach sayin I'm the best one on the team
Expectin me to go 20 more rounds in the ring
Just gonna tell you that's not my thing
Don't mean I won't be on top
Nbs still gonna make it hot
We gonna bring our heater
Take the highest spot
We been workin towards this
Didn't just come to us when smokin' pot
Your expectations should be high
Just like that blazed guy
Expect me to no longer be shy
Expect nbs to take off and fly
Well at least expect us to try
We gonna be 5star meals u gonna be potatoes that needs to fry
Just stand there and watch us drive by
Just lettin you know/that's what you should expect
Cuz that bitch king gotta go/eject/we gonna shoot up like my dick/erect
Ha-ha that line just ends this verse/perfect
But I ain't endin on that note/it's now time to reflect
Nbs does it smart with the most dialect
Fuckin pussys that's what you should expect

[Verse 2: 50 Cal Z]

Man fuck that I got no coach
But what I got is a pile of ho's
Waitin for me in my basement
Fuck with me get your face slit
Cause I got expectations that will be fulfilled
Just like B.I.G/ i got sick wordplay and im so ill
Call the ambulance/ cause im about to throw up
All these genius lyrics up
The expectations of goin to the top
Will be completed whetha u like it or not
Won't be defeated say hi to my gun and meet it
Accept defeat
When you battling me
Get ready to bleed/ or see/ a new breed
That ya need/ in this game/ can't tame
Us/ too fast so eat my dust
It's a must/to be a genius
Shit clean this
Dead body off the floor
That's too many to count anymore
Id expect you to do that
While I put my beanie on and continue to rap
On this track
Nbs got my back
I can't move
I don't need to be energetic
Just get on e straights song and kill it
He expects that from me
So I'll give him dope / V-E-R-S-E/
You can be jack/ I'll be peter pan
Takin bitches to neverland
Where I can say whatever I want
That's enough!/ im sick of this shit
My expectations are limitless
You Shaq at the free throw line/
CHOKE literally your about to die
Hands on ya neck/ suffocation/ assassination/ dehydration/ altercation/
But you don't speak/
Ill kill someone on Christmas eve/
Wrap em up in a gift/ give it to my worst enemy/
Instead of a message in a bottle/
I got a model wrapped up dead/
She is givin me head/
While im shootin my gun/
Shootin 2 things at once into bitches that's fun/
But you expect me to kill
Fuck you I'll let em live
I control my own life not this dumb ass bitch/

[Hook: 50 cal Z]