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NBS Lyrics

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[Hook 1: 50 Cal z]
Dreams just a reality
No more fantasy
Open your eyes and you will see
But you gotta believe
You have control don't let it waste no more
Cause your dreams will come true
Just gotta fight all the way to the top
Its all up to you

[Verse 1: Pak Attack]
Homies look at the stars, look at the moon
Were bout to be one of those, were about to boom
Can't you listen to the crowd sing
Just gotta think
Stare out in the sky, don't blink
That's our total prize, don't sink
We don't have to be hood
As long as we represent were we stood
Inspire yourself , one day we be like a drew
Saint to the Lou
Don't get frustrated, stick with me
For I have dream
Rocking these stages, winning awards, earning respect
If you can see what I can see, our life's will be perfect
Chase it like a fat guy and a Twinkie truck
Haters try to put us down, but we don't give a fuck
You ran out of luck, no winning streak homie you suck
Won't win even if you cheated
You can't follow, we lead, this rap game we beat it
Heated my flow homie you better know
We won't run out of steam
We will succeed, bitch, the rap game is our dream

[Verse 2: 50 Cal z]
I thought it was all a dream
Until I woke up a realized everything
That I wanted was all here
Don't call me a queer
But I love my group for everything that they do
You/ just don't understand anything/ I spit/
Cause you don't live through the shit
That I been through/ take a second or 2
And listen to my message for the crew
Yo guys after all we did
Don't worry it will soon be worth it
All the nights we stayed up/ we won't get fucked
I'll make sure we get a deal/ I swear I will/
Ain't gonna waste this dream cause its close bein real
Im bein real with my homies
Nbs/ don't go on a different path we goin straight for the gold only
Soon we be in the bright lights/ flyin high in the night sky
No lie/ this dream won't die
It got infinite health
Soon getting infinite wealth
But we gotta be patient
Don't wanna waste it
We never get torn apart
Fuck the hard part
It already passed/ fuck the past
It's all dead
New beginning again/
Wait till ya see what we got in store/ no more,..

[Hook 2: 50 Cal z]

[Verse 3: E Straight]
Time to start a revolution/I have a dream/like Martin Luther king
That one day I'll be top of the game/with my homies spitting insane
Hopin some day we could just freeride
Thts why we dig deep inside
Find the rest of our pride/ without it your next step is suicide
Either way you'll be dead like homicide/ you think I lied
I know it's hard to die but I ain't never tried
Now I'm dreaming you like our new born sound
Cuz rhymins in us pound for pound
Outlast you round for round/ like a boxer we won't go down
My dream is that nbs will get the crown
Not only the crown but the crowd
Get them screamin loud/guess what bitches
Your boys still ain't iced me
I melt it down cuz I spit so heat/ dreams
My dream is that you put me on repeat
I soar so high/call me elite/can't get to me/
I stay strong like concrete/nbs is goin to the top
Were on a one way flight/and we can't stop
In my dream I see the light
And for it I will fight/
Then hold it with all my might