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NBS Lyrics

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[Verse 1: Deversify]
Fuck with me, I'll Kick you out like an exorcist/
I'mma beast lay off but I'm still new at this//
That's right I'm a beginner, But I'll still slit your wrist//
Diversify in this game, watch me go ballistic/
Let go of my fears and rhyme like a pro/
Wipe away my tears and go with the flow/
Better bet all your money and all your fame/
If you wanna rap with me step up your game/
You see ill beat you every time and this is fo sho/
You can't handle me better get out the door/
Try to light me on fire try to set up the flame/
But when I beat you every time you be leavin in shame/
Don't even try cause you be sounding like a joke/
And when im rollin in money your ass will be fuckin broke!/

[Chrous: Lil Oki]
Know I'mma beginner/
But I'mma winner/
Cause I am fuckin cold as winter/
I have no soul/
Just so ya know
I have no feelings either

[Verse 2: Lil Oki]
Im a rookie at rappin/
And im a rookie at stabbin/
Prepare for it so stop the yappin/
I keep it wicked till the day I die/
No one survives
/dig your own hole
/I'll be there to take your soul
/oki is the reaper
/ill dig my knife steeper
/the grave keeper
/iim a beginner/the flow gets thinner
/like ice/burnin your ice with my spice
/your lyrical genius
/my rhymes clean as soap
/the beginner will make you hope
/that I make you sleep/with a foot up the peep hole
/give m you soul/
Blastin caps like my raps/
Red stains whos the beginner to blame/
Im the one gettin paid/your girls pussy is the one I raid

[Chrous: E straight]

[Verse 3: Pak Attack]
Even though I'mma beginner, im already a masta
I hear u can rap fast, but I can rap fasta
Pak attack if u didn't know, I own everything of urs, including ur ho
I put everything on, like I put on a show
So hear, why dont u check my flow
New shit, nbs, no bull shit/when im done, ill have this game head
But I hear hip hops dead
Well good, its time for rap step ahead
Listen up cuz I ain't finnish
I speak the truth, but I guess to you it's a foreign language
I eat posers for dinner, I spit them out like fruit
Thorw em out like a poor mans garbage
White belt or black belt, novice or expert
Dosent matter, this is just an excerpt
The future is near, no need to fear
Jump on this bandwagon, pack ur bags, this ride will never end

[Verse 4: E Straight]

I guess you could call me a beginner
But don't forget I'm the winner
Cuz by the end of the song
You know I'll be strong/gonna be on top
Like king Kong
Nbs gonna rule like china
Call me master ping pong/
I'mma spit heat/while you singing your sing along
Your girl gave up on you/and now she suckin my ding dong
Yea it's time I give this game a jump start
If that means I have to break a heart
Don't worry I'll do my part
Strike a bulls eye with the dart
Man I'mma kill ya mentally
Come at ya from everywhere/medaly
Gonna be scared cuz I spit dangerously
But how could that be/I'm just a rookie from stl not NYC
And I'm with the nbs/ up in Missouri
Been spitting ever since I came to Saxony/
So don't turn your back on me/or else you'll get stabbed with a knife
Happened to me man fuck my life
Naw fuck yours/I know what I can do/I can strive/
Reach my peak and feel so alive/
Feel so ready to jump off the cliff doin a nose dive
Rank us were a 5 out of 5
We the best new mcs/
Wanna mess with us we'll beat you up like it's ufc/
It's gonna be utterly fuckin crazy

[Verse 4: 50 cal z]
I'm just a beginner with my lucky charm
Don't take me like a pussy I still don't harm
When you come to find me?
Bitch get the fuck outta Saxony
The MO is where I reside
You can't join us it's a private club
So don't mob up
Still a beginner but you get fucked by 50 cal z/
With 2 machetes/
Ill show your life no mercy/
So try it do it go ahead/
You gonna get cut up and wind up dead/
Body in the trunk/ with your face cut off/
Don't fuck with me you'll get my saw/
Not a threat it's a promise do ya understand?/
Gonna cut you up like an emo's hand/
Don't try to stand cause I cut your legs/
Sliced em off cause they got in my way/
Im short guy in this game/
After this shit growin to the top of the fame/
Cause such a insane/ psychomanic/
Who will explode like a fire crack
-er/ I'mma fighter
Take a lighter
Burn ya lit up like time squares nights and a go out with a bang
Fuck it this my thang
This my beat
Slaughter it then playin keeps
Use it again/ like a recycling bin/
An you know I go green/
Check my wallet and you will see/
100's, 1000's, even 1,000,000/
I be drillin/ and killin/ so hot burn ya hair have u lookin like krillin