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NBS Lyrics
"Back To The Roots"

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[Hook: 50 cal z]

Yea so its back to the roots
Gonna kickoff our boots
Lay low and shoot some hoops
You a chicken in its coup
Now your our target and we about to shoot

[Verse 1: 50 cal z]
Looks like its ben laden and saddam/
Back to drop a bomb on a new song
Al Capone/ dropping another one

With Jon Gotti
Riding in a F-50 Ferrari
Back to the recording booth
It's time to record a new track/ with who?
You better not ask that question
C'mon man pay attention
To what we say/
Don't just sing along to the chorus everyday/
The reunion has finally arrived/
Back again 2 partners of crime/
Bout to rape the game/
Double penetration/
Inside you everyway/don't even try to test me/
Cause im all stressed out/ from hearin people whine and pout
About how/ rap just ain't the same then change it cause that's what we are doin
Just don't complain
When we reach the top of the game
Cause were gonna bang

Your daughters and not change their maiden name
Cause its Mr. "magic" Juan and Snoop Dogg
Back again to change the tide/
Fuckin growin as we rhyme/
When I move my hand there is knife in place/
Movin up and down like I'mma ejaculate
But really im stabbing your face
Till ya look more fucked up than Amy Winehouse
Save this rhyme dont let it go out
This is only the first verse do you like the taste
Now let e straight blow up this place

[Verse 2: E straight]
Back to my roots, yea its al Capone
You better pick up cuz I'm on the phone
Gunna like me so much, u gunna want me playin this song
Yea blast those speakers at your home
If you don't believe me well then it's on

I'mma mob you, haha get it cuz I'm a mobster
Yea it's wat I do, make me mad well then I'mma monster
Yea I'mma march on her
Weezy f baby and the f is for stupid
Cuz thts wat I is, nobody actually like my shiz
Awh tht made me sad
Like awh, I'm z and my lips so big I cud be Angelina jolies dad
Don't be afraid jus be my lad
Yea be my best buddy, or I'll ask lord give me a sign like dmx
The only time I sin is when I have sex
Yea cracka I'm on one, or I might be high
It cud be the second one, yea I'm tht kinda guy
Yea when I'm rappin I move my hand like wax on wax off
Girl how you single, the way u make me mingle make me seem soft
But I get hard like seein you is enough to get me off
Ha you think you #1 like the hoff
Well NBS bout to take the crown

[Hook: E Straight]