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Michelle Treacy Lyrics

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Uhh whooooo x6

You said way too many words
Dripping like poison on your tongue
You've been digging in the dirt
Now your final day has come

Diamonds in your eyes
Don't even apologize
Because all of the hurt
Is a blaze you can't out run

Boy I know that you're regrettin it
I see that you ain't gettin it
We've come to the end
No more lyin, no more beggin

Armageddon, armageddon
I'm gonna blow this up, this up
You say it's gonna be different this time
Boy, I don't give uh, I don't give uh

Uhh whooooox3
Armageddon, armageddon
Uhh whooooox3
(Chorus end)

Now I'm tearing down the walls
Destroying everything we had
Make you stand and watch it fall
With my knife deep in your back

No tears, no more lies
Your sins burned alive
Gonna sweep away it all
Like dust into the cracks

Boy I think you're forgettin it
You made the bed you're lying in
We've come to the end
Ain't no use in you denying


(Barely audible)
Everything we had in flames
Everything we had in flames

Everything we had in flames
It's gone, it's gone
The only thing left is your shame
So long, so long, so long