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Michael Combs Lyrics
"It Was Me"

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Their heads were low
Their steps were slow
As they walked along that long Emmaus road
And as He drew near
He said, "Why are you so sad?
Are things really that bad?"
They said, "Sir
Have you not heard?
You must be a stranger in this town
Because the one who came
In the Father's Name
He has been cut down

They've laid His body in the ground"
As they walked and talked He began to explain
About this Jesus, why He came
He opened the Scriptures and began to teach
The Preacher of preachers He began to preach...

In the wilderness the children had nothing to eat
But manna from heaven fell down at their feet
When they were dry and thirsty in a foreing land
Living waters came forth from the rock and sand
When three Hebrew children were thrown into the flame
A forth Man appeared they even called Him by name
The Manna, the Water, the Man they're all the same
If you're still confused let me say this real plain
It was Me (it was Me)
It was Me (it was Me)
I'm the One you left back there at Calvary
It was Me

Who do you think hung the stars in the sky?
Who do you think made the day and the night?
Who made the flowers?
Who made the trees?
Who made the sun and the moon and the seas?
Who gives life to all who believe?
Who do you think made the blind to see?
Who made the very air that you breathe?
Who defeated death and won the victory?
It was Me (it was Me)
It was Me (It was Me)
I'm the One that died for you at Calvary
It was Me
Who loved you when no one else would?
Who saved you when no one else could?
It was Me