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Melanie C Lyrics
"Goin' Down"

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How come I didn't see you were making fun of me?
How dare you change the rules
You made me look a fool
Well now youíre gonna see the last laughís not on me
What am I gonna do to get my revenge on you?
Youíre goin' down
Goiní down

Was it just another line or did I misread the sign?
What else could I do?
I was so into you

With all this bad luck I've had my karma must be bad
You played your little game, oh what a shame
Youíre goin' down
Goiní down, goin' down

Iím singiní it loud and I don't care
Iím singiní it proud everywhere

Now I feel no remorse, my life is back on course
From this little hitch I have become a superbitch
But don't be afraid by the confession I've made
I am not a whore
I have gone hardcore
You're goin' down
Goin' down
Goin' down, goin' down

I'm singin' it loud and I don't care
I'm singin' it proud everywhere
I'm singin' it loud and I don't care
I'm singin' it proud everywhere, ha, ha, ha

Youíre goin' down, goin' down. You're goin' down.
Goin' down, ha, yeah
This song is from the album "Northern Star".