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Mayfield Four Lyrics

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Long open road
in the distance I see you wait for me
you're my hope and my relief
saving grace remove these rusted chains

waited so long
to be kissed by lips of god
I'm getting close
around the bend is solace
home the sweetest place
I'll be redeemed I will be safe

High so very high
and I feel ok
nothing's in the way
so hold on
I'm taking off I'm gonna fly

Yesterday's gone
I take a look for one last time
my stomach turns at the thought of that dark world
I won't go back
I'm pushing forward and it's good

High so very high (I'm flying high again, in liberation)
and I feel ok
nothings in the way
so hold on(I'm holding on again, in liberation)
I'm taking off
I'm gonna fly
I'm gonna fly
This song is from the album "Second Skin".