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Lil Italy Lyrics
"What U Gone Do"

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What you gone do, when they come for you?
When the feds is knockin at your door?
Better tell your baby mama, grab the kids
Run to the bathroom and flush the dope

Well, uh, it's self-explanatory, on what you should do
And if you was in the same situation, it'd be hard for you too
Well don't panic, keep it together, and make your way
We prepare for the DA police, and the feds everyday
And it's a must we keep supplyin, with that fried ice cream
And if anything go wrong while I'm gone, then baby do your thing
When you get to flushin, don't trust, nobody else
Pay attention, it's a must you play them cards that you dealt

It all happened so fast, like a flash
Feds bustin in like ???
I had to think fast, out the back room I'm rushin
To the bathroom, and start flushin
Quit passin no discussion
I ain't catchin no case, washed away, go down to the hall
No evidence ??? knows, it's evident that we control
Lettin 'em know that we on top, and we got, to step on our toes
While I'm, stackin my cheddar (...?...)
Po-Po's, because they think they sick, uh
No no, I gotta get my scrilla, nigga

[Chorus x2]