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Liam Lynch Lyrics

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(SOS)I don't even know whose house this is
(SOS)I just know I'm a friend of a friend of his
(SOS)I'd get out but I can't find the door
(SOS)I hope it's somewhere on the floor

(SOS)This ain't a party, this is sick
(SOS)I've lost count, but I can't quit
(SOS)So turn it up, cause we're goin' down
(SOS)If this keeps up, we're all gonna drown

(SOS)Where's my lighter?
(SOS)My shirt feels tighter!

(SOS)I found a fiver!
(SOS)My brain's on fire!

(SOS)I think someone cut my hair
(SOS)If I find my shoes I'll get outta here
(SOS)Raise your hands if you're losing grip
(SOS)We'll raise the dead if we keep doin' this

(SOS)Where's my lighter?
(SOS)My shirt feels tighter
(SOS)I found a fiver!
(SOS)My brain's on fire!

This poor ship is going down
We're overboard and wasted now
Well if you're gonna say
Well if you're gonna say

(SOS)Aw here's the script, we're outta whack
(SOS)No use in holdin' nothin' back
(SOS)Times like these are rare indeed
(SOS)So raise 'em in the air for me
This song is from the album "Fake Songs".