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Leatherface Lyrics
"Patrick Kills Me"

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Well this was such a precious time
And all we ever do is spread more flies
Superstition and all the fumes then a little extra time
Tommy guns drive a million miles from all of you

Real be some book it's a good point of view
Then all the sky must spew if I can be good
Then I'd have to shave have rest place
And you can do it in half the time

In half the time it's all in mine it's all in your mind
And you don't need to sacrifice symbol of nothings

That your involved what his marlin sayed
Hideous pleasure hideous pain someone's walking over my grave
But I'm still alive got my spies
Don't get with it don't pull a fake ha

And you can do it in half the time in half the time
Be a friend and kill me I just don't get it
And are you really happy here you aren't really happier
Happier than a dead man oh and are you really happy here

You aren't really happier happier than a dead man
If they don't rape me
Patrick kills Patrick kills Patrick kills me
Patrick kills Patrick kills

And Patrick is as good in a mine you said
Bob said he may kill him someday real question is
Can he hold his breath laying on his head at the same time
Stones are falling like rain drops I have heard of far much less

In far it's far alone dare a cow's own flatulence
Next you for heading down instead mad cow pestilence
If you really need evidence then it's Clark Davey
And are you really happy here aren't really happy then
Happier than a dead man oh Patrick kills me
This song is from the album "The Last".