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Koffee Brown Lyrics
"Mars/venus (Interlude)"

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There is no us until we understand we
And I understand you and you understand me
Whether I'm from Mars and you from Venus
Let's sit on a pear and dip our feet in the sea
And agree that sometimes we disagree ya see

Love, it ain't absolute we know how we do
So the question is moved to the strength of the brew
The power of our kiss is how we get stirred
Love is when the line between me and you gets blurred

And the coffee tastes just right
The perfect amount of sugar and cream
How I like my coffee? Light brown
You know what I mean?

I hear a deep brown voice speaking softly saying
Let's make our coffee sweet and us
Got love like sleeping late on Saturdays
Like slipping into old slippers on Sunday Morning

We got love like French toast and Mondays off
All I need is promises you can keep
I don't need nothing deep
All the fancy things I can give myself

We be all we need, like, like coffee
I hear a deep brown voice speaking softly
Saying, "Don't ever leave"
This song is from the album "Mars/Venus".