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Kent Lyrics
"Stop Me June (Little Ego)"

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I've been waiting for my brilliance to
shine through
like waiting would do
I've been called a little coward more
than once
It hurts when it's true
I've been following your footprints in
the snow
Trying to return the excuses that I stole

I'm the first on and the last off the bus
Little ego be stil
And I fight the cold wind back up the street
To Hagnesta Hill
and the darkness and the snow fallen as one
and I lost my scarf
at a busstop on the outskirts of town

I gather all the courage and the hate
Little ego is wild
And my voice broke I finally reached
that age
I was cruel as a child
If this feeling that remains is not mine
then it's something new
Maybe my brilliance shining through

It's noisy, can't think I can't speak
I'm tired of handshakes so please
Get rid of this crowd I can't breathe here
You just have to let me go, you just have to
let me go

It's noisy, can't think I can't speak...
This song is from the album "Hagnesta Hill (Eng)".