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Kenny Rogers Lyrics
"The Heart of the Matter"

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Real love is the only thing I know
The changes of everything at touches
It gets you and it's gentle clutches
But that's not really the heart of the matter.

Everbody, every now and then
We'll say that they can use
Some side of two
Even though you're setting
Kind of roam
That's not really the heart of the matter.

I think I'm really the heart of the matter
Isn't it natural going away to think I'll be alone
I think of you
Your love for me is gone
I think that's really the heart of the matter after all.

Darling, I know every now and then
Some nights I lay really easy on my mind
You might hold your billow in my cry
That's not the heart of the matter...
This song is from the album "Heart of the Matter", "Heart of the Matter", "Heart to Heart [Madacy]" and "Greatest Country Hits, Vol. 3 [Curb]".