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Kelly Joe Phelps Lyrics
"Knock Louder"

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This makes as much sense as a frog on a chain
A leper knocking trees down with his fist
Twisting my ear like I'm a school yard churl
You know I wanna sit beside that long legged girl
Wearing overalls and daddy's boots, mom's old coat
Let's sing one together, Grace, savor every note

It burned a hole right through me, where we stood last Sunday night
One little tossed off glance, I don't know if you were there
But I felt the rod impale me, my body growing wide
As you climbed up on the ladder, made your home beside
I'm the same but then I'm not, you know when we tried before

Let's sing one note, I'm not gonna come back and knock on my door

Surely done more pounding than I give you credit for
I'm a fool most times, usually so
I'm only an [Incomprehensible] sage with the wisdom of half a rock
Washed upon the sand so many simple things I just can't understand
And I know, oh, I'm so tired of wondering where you've been
A friend like you I've never had, I don't wanna lose you back again

We'll reinvent the toaster, ride a crooked wheel
Give three cares for common sense and throw it in a can
I'll be, be myself beside you, you can do the same, no responsibility
Save the magic in your name
I'm done, I'm beat, I'm old, I've looked at every tree
Let's be you and me now, let's be you and me now
Let's be you and me now, let's be you and me now
This song is from the album "Slingshot Professionals".