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Kandi Lyrics
"Pants On Fire"

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Caught yo' ass right by your toe
Hanging out with some h-o
Thought i wouldnt know
Well, it looked to me like you were free
You told me that you'd be busy
I'm not the one to wait around
So this is how it all went down
You were leaving at 12 o'clock
I was leaving at 12:02 and that aint cool
But i was with some other dude
So i dipped when i saw you
You were leavin our favorite spot, baby
Or so it was, i thought, baby, its crazy
But who's to blame when
Game recognizes Game

You said that you were at your boy's house
Pants on Fire-Liar-Liar
I said that i was asleep, but i lied
Pants on Fire-Liar-Liar
You said that you were workin all night
Pants on Fire-Liar-Liar
I said that i never called that guy
Pants on Fire-Liar-Liar

You just mad' cause i caught you
Thought I was some type of fool
so i did what i had to do, and
I dont know how but you forgot
When your our in the club Dont think im not
Youre the only one getting hot
Yeah, Im blowin up your spot
you were leaving at 12 o' clock
I was leaving at 12:02 when i saw you
But how could you have an attitude
When you do the same thing i do
My intentions were to stop, baby
Before it went too far, Baby, Its crazy
But whos to blame when Game recognizes game

Chorus 2x

We said
We lied
Who's wrong
Who's right

This song is from the album "Hey Kandi...".