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Judas Priest Lyrics
"Feed On Me"

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They are dying on the dance floor,
They are lyin' in debris.
They are fadin from exhaustion
From their mortal injuries.
They are hungry and need feeding,
They resign themselves to fate.
They are desparate men,
Death's written on their face.

When your will to live is almost gone
And you're left alone but you need someone
Feed on me,
Feed on me

They're outgunned and outnumbered
But they'll never turn to run
And 'In the name of freedom'
Is written with their blood
Some would call them mercenary
But they always knew the pain
Inevitably far outweighs the gain

When the hunger strikes you down again
And you feel your inner strength has drained
Feed on me
Feed on me

Feed on me
Feed on me - I got what you need
Feed on me
Feed on me - Don't accept defeat
This song is from the album "Demolition", "Live In London" and "Metalogy".