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Joy Enriquez Lyrics
"Losin' the Love"

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Verse 1 :
There are days when I regret it
The things I said to you
I put my trust in no one
It broke my heart and I blamed it on you
You are kind and oh so gentle
But I refused to see
That someone like you exsisted
I was somewhere in denial
While you were loving me

Hook :

I cried myself to sleep last night
When I woke up
There were tear stains on my pillow
It hurt so much to sacrifice what I gave up
Without you in my life
I will always feel lonely
Losing the love
From someone like you

Verse 2 :
Not a day goes by without something
Reminding me of you
The truth is that I miss you
It gets so hard not being with you
There are times when I go crazy
In the twilight of the night
How I long to be your woman again
There's a pain that I hold
That will not let me go


Bridge :
I don't wanna make this too hard
But I just wanna be where you are
In your life, by your side, forever

This song is from the album "Joy Enriquez".