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Jon B Lyrics
"Don't Talk"

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Excuse me love
Can I come dance with you?
Uh, yeah
(Hmm, yeah)
2000, Jon B ish uh yeah
All you people in the club feelin' it
Uh yeah, come on baby now

Baby I had to stop for a second on the balcony
Scopin' you down, you're lookin' fly to me
All dressed up, and buying your own drinks
And that ain't right

Not that you can't handle it on your own
But your too damn fly to drink all alone
Can I come bubble with you?
To you - I'mma make a toast, come on

Don't talk
Baby just move with me
Take a sip
Kind of got you feelin' dizzy
It's alright, so rock with me
If it's alright with you, oh baby


Baby, you got me high dancin' close with the Kana perfume
Smellin' all good
It's gettin' hot in the room

All pressed on you
And I know you feel it too
And that's alright
Pardon me, I'mma back up and be a gentleman
And if it's really real then you can tell me when
And that's when she pulled me close
And said let's do it again, come on

Repeat CHORUS (2x)

Uh, come on baby now, uh
Uh, come on baby now, uh
Uh, come on baby now...

Girl it's alright to relax your mind
Cause you came out to enjoy yourself
It's on you and nobody else
Come on and bubble with me

Repeat CHORUS until fade
This song is from the album "Pleasures You Like" and "Are U Still Down: Jon B Greatest Hits".