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Johnny Clegg Lyrics

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Hawu baba ngashada intombi yami esikolweni emoliva
(Oh father I married my girl at the school on Mooi River)
Kwashunqa uthuli kwandlovu madoda silwela lobuhle
(The dust was rising with all the preparations at Ndlovu's home)
Usipho wakipha izinkomo ezamalobolo ezinamasondo
(Sipho paid the bride price with a motor car)
Wadlala umukwa wami, wadlala engalindile
(And my father-in-law performed an unexpected war dance
on the spur of the moment)
Wadlala umukwa wami engalindile kwakhikhiza abafazi
(My father-in-law performed an unexpected war dance
and the women encouraged him with shrill cries)

Ngisho izulu eliphezulu lalihleka kancane
(Even the Heaven above - i.e. the Zulu King - gave a small laugh)
'Zulu eliphezulu lalikhona lalihleka kancane
(The Heaven above was present and he gave a small laugh)
Emoliva, emoliva
(At Mooi River)

Yamnandi lendaba ngaze ngashada emoliva ngiyabonga webanguni
(It was a wonderful event, for I eventually got married at Mooi River
and I thank you people of the chunu clan)
Ngaze ngashada ngaze ngathola nowami
(I eventually got married, I eventually even got my own wife)

Wemzila wangincelisa amasiko ngaze ngaba wumuthu
(Mzila! you suckled me on the traditions and customs
of the Zulu and I became a person)
Hawu wemakhabela nangikhulisa ngaze ngaba wumuthu

(Oh you people from Makhabeleni you raised me until I became a person)
Kungathiwani ngani banguni nahlanganisa zonke izizwe
(And what can be said about you, Machunu people,
for you brought together all the nations)
Nahlanganisa zonke izizwe ubesehlulekile ubotha
(You brought all the nations together,
Botha long having failed to do this)
Nahlanganisa zonke izizwe ngobuhle ubesehlulekile ubotha
(You brought all the nations together in good spirit,
Botha having long failed)
(At Mooi River)


(Here I call out the praise names of various people who have been
important in my life, most of whom were present at my marriage)

This song is from the album "Cruel, Crazy Beautiful World" and "Spirit Is The Journey-Celebrating 30 Years".