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Johanna Jingnert Lyrics
"Ironic Song"

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Yeah keep ignoring me, that will solve our problems
Am I right?
you doin fine, you're so mature I can't describe it
Please keep quiet

I can read your mind, so don't you worry 'bout me, but thank you anyway
So you're the best, I don't know what to say, sorry but that won't make me stay

Cover your mouth, don't let a single word slip out,
I promise I'll survive without all the lies
I'm getting tired, of being rejected all the time
but I'm not gonna cry, so stop wasting what's mine

Nooo - stop wasting what's mine

This is no familiar scar I'm impressed now,
you did all this before.
You know exactly how to hurt me a little more,
go on and hit me lying on the floor

I will get back on my feet so don't you worry bout me, but thank you anyway
I don't need your advice, but you need mine, so


I decided now to color myself free,
to be honest there's also something you would need to do
I'm done having a brain and heart for two
Babe I swear, If you would just try to care

This song is from the album "Goodbyes And City Lights".