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Joe Marc's Brother Lyrics

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When are you coming over?
Girl, I need to bang your body
Screaming gotta get closer

Girl, I need to feel you next to me now
So hurry up and come over
Just tell me what I gotta do to get you here
So we can make love

Baby, I'm gonna kiss ya, I'm gonna hold ya
Gently caressing your body
Baby, we can do whatever you like
When we're making love tonight
I promise, baby, I will never stop
Taste you to the last drop until you reach ecstasy
It's whatever you like and we gonna do it
When we're making love tonight

Ooh baby, it feels so good to be inside you
Love is driving me crazy
Girl, if you keeping put me down like this
I swear we'd mess around and have a baby

The way that your skin feels on mine
I need to have it daily
Nothing in the world compares to
When we make love, baby


I'ma give it to you, babe, nice and slow
Nothing's too crazy, anything goes
Daddy's on the mission, assume the position
I hope that you're ready baby
'Cause I'm 'bout to start the show

Girl I'm gonna do whatever it takes
To make your love come down, come down
Ooh, say the word baby, say the word
Girl, let's just make love

[Chrous: x2]