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Jill Johnson Lyrics
"Till The Cowboys Come Home"

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Called my girlfriends said I
bought us a weekend and my
man's going fishing and he's talking yours too
We packed their lunches and they
packed their trucks up said hey
Baby we'll be back late on sunday afternoon
and when they're finally gone
we're gonna turn the music on

We're gonna drink too much
gonna flirt and cuss
gonna scream and shout till they throw us out
gonna loose our shoes and dance until dawn
we're gonna party till the cowboys come home

I bet they think we're sittin'
crying in the kitchen bitchin'
talking 'bout them
and all the things they don't do
instead we're spending their cach
raiding their secret beer stash
oh that ain't half of what we're getting into
girls we ain't got long
so let's turn this party on

We're gonna drink ....

We're gonna drink ....
This song is from the album "The Woman I've Become".