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Jesse Powell Lyrics
"If I"

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i was so busy doing things
doing things that i wasnt supposed to and i
know u might not belive me baby
but i love u
to preach till forgive me
it was unatintional
that i made u cry
i want u to know that i
i apologize
and im praying thats its not to late


girl if i if i should loose you girl
if i cant make love to u girl
if i have thrown out love away
i dont know what im gonna do

i cant imagine it
i cant imagine my life without u
and i, i cant even find it
someone lovein u
dont turn away from me
and leave me here down on my knees
without u im dieing
wont u come save my life
now i realize
that ill never love the way
like i loved you


ohh i know
i know i was wronge
with you i belong
if our love is gone
how can i carry on ?
im so alone with out u to hold
wont u come home

This song is from the album "Jp".