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Jan Howard Lyrics
"My Son"

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(Jan Howard)

My son, my son, I pray that you'll come home
To me, my son, my son.

It seems only yesterday
The most important thing on your mind
Was whether you'd make the baseball team
Or get the new school jacket like all the other kids had.

And I remember how your eyes lighted up
When you got your first rod and reel
For that big fishing trip just you and your dad
And I remember wiping the tears away
When you hurt yourself on your sled.

In those days it seems the house
Was filled with laughter and joy
Filled with your friends
And they were all such good boys.

And then came the day that you walked down the aisle
To receive that all important diploma
I was so proud but I couldn't believe
That tall young man was, my son, my wonderful son.

And then I remember the little girl
that was always around kinda tagging after you
She's not so little anymore but she's still around
Who knows maybe someday.

Then you received the call
That I guess we knew would come someday
But it came so quick and now you're so very far away
In the land that until a short time ago I didn't even know was there.

I know the time will pass you'll be home again
But until that time my darling take care take special care
My son, my son, I pray that you'll come home
To me, my son, my son...
This song is from the album "Jan Howard" and "Rock Me Back to Little Rock [Hilltop]".