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"Like I Do"

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Back into the past, oh baby
More than I remember
When it lasts
I feel so confident
I feel so damn good, baby
I believe that when, oh baby
You will see my man
You'll faint away
Cause you're so craven baby
You are so like a lady, yeah
In every world
In every time
In every heart, that cannot lie
It sounds like I do

Like I do, like I do
You always live
You always die
You always tried to hide your eyes but not
Like I do, Like I do
Like I do...
Show me what u got, oh baby
Do you have my money?
Give them back!
I feel so confident
I feel so damn good baby
Nothing can compare, oh baby
With your little friend
You need me then
Seems like I have to smile
You are so like a child, yeah