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Izaq Roland Lyrics
"Money Bags"

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[Verse 1]

It's hot
24K that's my cross
That's just a gift from grandmama
God damn I Love her for that
I gotta pay her back
I just hate when I make her mad
But I need some money bag on me
And I gotta make it fast
Kamehameha I do it all for the guap (Guwop) like La Flare
I want the world in my hands

I still rock the dirty vans
Hunnid band grossing
I want (to) do that in a week
I split that bitch like I'm moses
To hand out to my family
You show love I show love
Retchy wassup
Keep it a hunnid emoji
Man I used to be on that bus
Fuck do you mean?
I done came up
Still got a long way to go
That's why I still be bussin' them juugs
When I'm on the road
At all of these shows
I gotta get my name out there
Man I gotta grip on the rope
I want (to) be going like way up

But y'all ain't really give a fuck
You just be do all that talking
I see that you see me wassup


Straight out the pot
It's hot on the stove
All I know I gotta get it
And I been known that from the go
Boy you a fool
I told 'em I know
But I feel so loved
Cause I swear I got me guardian angel
I don't want eat
I don't want sleep
I just want money bags money bags
Money bags money bags yeah

Hold up let's get it
I'm ready for war
They don't want (to) let me in
So I guess Im'a be kicking a door

[Verse 2]

It's Quico La Fuego
If that's mi amigo then I go where they go
And we stick together like nuts and a leg
When you ain't had showered in (a) couple of days
I hit the blunt and I'm off in a daze
I'm so gone way lost in my ways
Planet of the Apes
Feel Like a primate with all of this Bape
What is you sayin'
Y'all just be mumbling off of them Xans
I got these white bitches feet on my sofa
Always be talking 'bout how they can roll up
I get it in like I'm 'posed to
You see me posing on the poster
Why is y'all be on that hoe shit?
I see you salty like the ocean
When I'm in the game
In the nosebleed like I am snorting
Looking way down to the courtside
This shit got me feeling so sad
No hold up fuck that
I'm young and I'm 'bout it
Let's go let's get it
Yeah I'm 'bout this
I'm thinking 'bout The Dominion
My mind is one in a million
Infinite I have no limit
Fuck is you with it for winning?
I just want me a little something
Man I just don't get it with all of these critics
I just get it how I'm living
I do it for all of my people in dead ends