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Izaq Roland Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
It's Quico it's Quico it's Quico (yeah)
It's Quico dont start none won't be none
Everybody (that) know me knows
I'm hood rich and I been broke
We all need, something or somebody
Me all I know is I need me some money
Let's get it say no more yeah I'm with it
If a peon ain't about that
Then I'll pee on them like R Kelly
I'm kind of counting that dirty
In the living room watching Belly
Ain't no food in my belly
But I'm finna eat I can bet it yeah
If they don't know I'll let 'em know now
Every set I got the whole function tore down
I told y'all way back in the beginning
You were laughing at the kid
How the fuck could I forget it
Fuck 'em all and fuck the mall
I'd rather buy it all online
I don't like leaving the house
And it just be like that sometimes
When I'm down and out
And feel like I am running out of time
I don't want (to) run out of money
So it's always on my mind yeah

I swear to God I'm an addict
I get it from my daddy
I get it from my daddy
Yeah and when I'm going through it
If I want to feel good
I know getting money will do it

[Verse 2]
Came a long way from the park bench
Right by the fourplexes like fuck this
I ain't pulling up to your function
Unless I'm leaving with a handful of money
I dont want no more stressing
I dont want to have to worry bout the rent no
I just want to go and buy me a Benz yeah
Some new clothes double G money bag yeah
I was a kid like what that is
Learned how to get it
Turned that to a habit
Now all I do is go get it
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Money bag money bag money bag yeah
Bounce to it
Weigh an ounce to it
Mow your neighbor's back and front lawn to it
You ain't got to do it
But if you're 'bout it do it
Put some money in your fucking bank account to it yeah