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H Lyrics
"The Evening Shadows"

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I have an animal inside meHe sleeps during the dayBut
he kicks and ticks even when he's sleepingNever completely
goes awayAnd as the evening shadows stretch themselvesThe
animal begins to wakeComes out to see what is for breakfastHe
takes whatever he can takeHe isn't murderous or wickedSometimes
he's like a little childBut he's voracious and insatiableHe's
self-destructive and he's wildI sometimes think about
the animalSometimes I'm proud,
Sometimes ashamedI know he drove me from my hometownMade
me feel like I'm not the sameI know he stops me being
boringI think so anywayAnd I don't know if I control
himBut I must try to keep him chainedBut he doesn't
think about the futureHe lives completely in the NOWDoo
bee doo bee dooo...I sometimes see the other animalsControlling
other peoples livesDoing things they thought they'd
never doAnd not really knowing whySo we must all beg
for forgivenessSay sorry and explainUntil the evening
shadows stretch themselvesAnd here we go again...