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Gloria Gaynor Lyrics
"I Never Knew [Hex Hector, HQ2 Remix]"

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It's really been a long time
Since I let somebody hold me
Since I felt safe in somebody's arms, emm emm
You were a good friend I could confide in

But after all the lies he told me
I couldn't let nobody in my heart
I was torn apart
All this time you've been right here

He's been doing nothing but wrong
And though the best thing in my life was
Here with me all along

I never knew
Right beside me there was an angel
I never knew
You'd give my heart the wings to fly
Because of you
Everything in my life is changing
Turning it to
The kind of heaven that I never Knew

He kissed away my tears
And now they've disappeared
You make me feel safe in somebody′s arms
You're the kind that can do me no harm

These questions everybody asks me
They say they've never seen me so happy
But that's a secret between you and me
They don't know nothing about us baby

Can't let up
Can't tell anybody that you're not from around here
They don't know that you're an angel
But now it's all so clear


Is this a dream
Are you for real
You got me honey
Feeling things that I never thought I'd feel

You taught me love
Don't have to break my heart in two
That's just one more of those things
That I never, never knew

I never knew
Right beside me
There was an angel
I never, never knew (that my heart could fly)

It's all because of you baby
My life is changing
Turning it to
The kind of heaven that I never knew