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Ginuwine Lyrics
"Show After The Show"

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That's how it goes, Muchas Chicas
Bumrush the door, you know they got
Grande culos, they want to go to the show after the show
Mi cherie, say she want to come get with me
Don't you know G's too freaky
She wanna go to the show after the show

Maybe it's just the way I move, do you like the way I freak a beat
Tell me, is it all the lights you see, or is it me being me?
Can you feel the bass in you, tell me, do you like the way it moves?
Do you wanna see me do what I do,
or would you rather be somewhere getting it on with me?

That's it, come on, say you wanna roll with me
Come on, you sure you wanna roll with me?
Come on, say you wanna roll with me, come on, yeah
Come on, say you wanna roll with me
Come on, cause if you wanna roll with me
Come on, you know I'm gonna wanna see


You can't take your eyes off of me,
While I'm plucking on my guitar strings
Do you see a guitar string, or do you really see your G-string
Every time I grab the mic, tell me do you start to fantasize
'Bout things you wanna do tonight,
Baby take this ride, daddy's gonna do you right



I've been wanting to know, just how far you will go
With your fantasies, let's swing an episode
I've been waiting to see, just hoe far you will go eroticy
Baby welcome to the show

This song is from the album "Life" and "New Album".