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Frank Sinatra Lyrics
"I Like To Lead When I Dance"

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A little voice, keeps talking to me
From (a) way down deep inside
What does this voice, keep saying to me
It says: "pass this affair and pass it wide"
You may be a puzzle, but I like the way the parts fit
Still that little voice says: "Go get your track shoes
-put them on and get"
We could go the distance
And find us romance
I like your persistence
Your style and your stance
There's only one problem - the tiniest problem
I like to lead when I dance
Your eyes do the speaking
They talk with each glance
My will-power's creaking
I might take a (the) chance
And though you're the charmer - who could bend my armor
I like to lead when I dance
I like to steer the car - whenever I drive
And hold the door ajar - when we arrive
So if it's decided - that this is romance
My sweet, I'll repeat - in advance
I like to lead when I dance
(I like to lead when I dance)
When Adam bit the fruit - as fashions were then
He got that fig-leaf suit - for which Amen
So if it's decided - I'm wearing the pants
Then Eve, I'd say we've - got romance
I like to lead - I set the speed
I like to lead when I dance
(When I dance, when I dance, when I dance)
This song is from the album "The Complete Reprise Studio Recordings", "Songs Of Van Heusen & Cahn", "Sinatra '65" and "Sinatra In Hollywood 1940-1964".