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Flotsam And Jetsam Lyrics
"Killing Time"

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Stop everything you do
Take a step outside and look through
There's a path you do not see
And it's all lit up and lined with trees
There's an arrow directing you there
Bright neon orange and flashing
It's there to make sure you don't
Take on a path that circles around

There's only a couple of ways
To get lost in life's little maze
You can explore a dead wrong path
Or follow someone else
You got to use your own mind
And if you're still wrong all the time
Then you really deserve what's coming up,
what's coming up, what's coming up

Yeah it's gonna be
Killing time, killing time
No time to mess around 'cause it's
Killing time, killing time
No time to call, no time to lose
There is no choice, not up to you
It's killing time, killing time
No time to slide away
Killing time, killing time

You fail to think I know what I say
Everybody's full of shit anyway

The path you take is all by chance
And I'm telling stories to enhance
There's no need to plan it out
Or to add to your list a load of doubt
Leave all that shit behind for what's coming up

There's no way to prepare
Or to know who's gonna be there
There's a chill running up your spine
And it's always there, it's always there
Five or six times a night
I'm awake with my eyes shut tight
But I don't wanna go back to sleep
And dream about what's coming up

Welcome to
Killing time, killing time
No one anticipating
Killing time, killing time
No one just standing around before
Killing time, killing time
No one to drag down under

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This song is from the album "My God".