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Falco Lyrics
"Walls Of Silence"

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Sie erzählt von 7 Dimensionen
Die in, die in ihrer Seele wohnen
Und do, do denkst es ware für allemal vorbei,
Sieben leben sollst do, sollst do leben

sollst der, sollst der Weisung dich ergeben
Und es, und es ist der Tag, do liebst sie wieder
Gestern, heut- für alle Zeit

If we never gonna break the silence (break the walls),
If we break the silence anyway
We never gonna make it for sure, we want to break through distrust

Want to get what we fought for
We give up, we give in, never give it away (Hey, hey)

Ihr erklärt euch uns in Dimensionen
Die nie - Niemals in unseren seelen wohnen
But you, ihr erkennt wir werden
We realised that we'll never never fight it at all- no more

Politicians, seid ihr
Seid ihr weise
Seid so auf eure strange Art und weise weise
If we go out trying to break the chains

'Cause we'll have to break the walls of silence
We'll have to break the walls of emptiness
Say what

All the Presidents wait a minute

We would love to wait, to wait a minute
All the Presidents wait a minute,
Forget the button and wait a minute
'Cause the world is standing still it is love

And we are breaking the wall of silence
We try to break the walls again
We go straight to the heart of 5 billion friends
If we should have a last one try- We would try
And we are breakin the walls of silence
This song is from the album "Wiener Blut".